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5 Tips To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments

Hello Friends and welcome back to the new post of our Blog. today we will discuss How To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments. it is very important for us to understand how to do safe transactions due to the increased risk of Fraud. In our previous, post we have discussed how to stay safe on the internet. You can read that post also for better understanding.

Now let’s talk about our main topic “Tips To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments”. Basically, we give 5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments which will help you to stay safe from fraudsters.

5 Tips To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments

As we all have seen how rapidly Online or digital transaction has grown in India in a couple of years. And the major credit goes to the United Payments Interface (UPI) because UPI is one of the major factors behind the rapid growth of online transactions in India. UPI Is the most convenient way to transfer and receive money using Its Unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) called UPI IDs.

However, everything that has Pros and looks good, In reality, they have cons also. While UPI has also its Advantages and Disadvantages because the rapid growth of digital transactions has also led to the increase of cyber fraud. So it is very important for us to keep in mind the following safety tips to To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments using payments apps for making payments at the nearest Kirana stores or Malls.

5 tips to avoid mistakes while making UPI payments.

Here are five safety pointers you must keep in mind while making a UPI payment. 

#1 Do not use multiple apps

if you are using more than one payment apps then stop using these apps because it may increase the chances of cyber fraud. It is not recommended to use more than one UPI or online payment app. As you have also seen that there are many payments apps in the market that allow you to do transactions using UPI. But using those all apps is not safe. So, if possible use one app like cashback, rewards, and provide safe money transactions.

#2 Avoid sharing UPI address

When we create a UPI account then we get a unique address That can be used to receive money. But the most important safety tip is to keep our UPI account or address Secured. You should never share your UPI ID/address with a stranger. it is only advisable only to share your UPI address with a person to whom you know otherwise not. You should not allow anyone to reach your UPI account through any payment or bank application.

#3 Use a strong screen lock

The most important for Users is to use a strong screen lock for all their payments and financial transaction apps. by locking these apps you can save yourselves from Cyber Fraud. If you are using the payment apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, or any other application for making online payments then, it is very important to set a strong PIN or password, which shouldn’t guess with anyone.

You can simply avoid the use of the date of birth, digits of the phone number as a password so that no one can easily guess your password. Also, Change immediately if in case you have exposed your PIN mistakenly.

#4 Never click on Malicious links

The UPI scam has become the easiest way for hackers to trap innocent users. In most cases, the hackers generally share the Bad links or they try to make a call and request the users to download some third-party apps for verification. which is completely not safe. You should never click on such kinds of URLs.

Also, you should never share your UPI PIN, OTP with anyone even when someone claims that he is speaking from Your Bank because Banks never ask for a PIN, OTP, or any other personal details. So, if anyone is asking for such information through a message or call just disconnect the call and Report such calls.

#5 Keep the UPI app Up to Date

The update is an important part of Any software and apps. because updates bring improvement in UI and new features and benefits. So it is very crucial to upgrade all apps to the latest version including UPI payment apps. The newer updates bring bug fixes as well. Upgrading apps to the latest version also helps to secure an account. Every app should be upgraded to the latest version to secure your data and be less prone to data breaches.


So, that’s some tips To Avoid Mistakes while making UPI payments. These are the best practice for those who do online transactions. By just remembering these tips they can protect themselves from being Scammed.

Thanks to Everyone who has read this article. We have tried our best to clear your doubt. But still, if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank You!

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