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How to Add Handwritten Signature in Google docs?

Hey, guys are you looking for How to Add Handwritten Signature in Google docs? if yes then you have landed in right place. There are many ways to add your signature in online any digital document. In Google Docs, there are several methods to add images or text as watermarks, in the same way, you can also add your signature by just uploading the image of your signature as an image.

How to Add Handwritten Signature in Google docs

Methods to Insert Handwritten Signature in Google Docs

However, it is very easy to add Handwritten Signature in Google Docs if you want to add handwritten signature in Google Docs, then there are some methods to do that so read this post carefully. You can add your signature in Google Docs by using the in-built features from google docs, Chrome extensions, or add-ons, and also by using the third-party app which is available on the Google play store. These techniques let you add your Handwritten signature to your PDF, and to photo forms as well.

1. Insert Handwritten Signature in Google Docs Using Chrome Extension

if you want to add your digital signature in Docs then you can use Chrome extensions. These extensions seem like tools in Google Docs and you can use that tool to create your own digital signatures. The mostly used extension is called eversign. You can easily find this extension in the google webstore. Now let’s know how to use this extension and insert your sign:

Step 1. First of all, open the Chrome web store and install the “eversign” extension in your browser.

Step 2. Sign up for Eversign, After installing this extension.

Step 3.  After completing the setup process, go to Google Docs and click on the “Tools” option.

Step 4.  Here You can see a new option “Sign with eversign” at the bottom.

Step 5. Now Click on Sign with eversign” and open your Doc in eversign.

Step 6. Add your signature here by clicking on the “Start” button from the left side menu.

Step 7. Here, you can add your signature by drawing as well as you can upload your signature by uploading a new file or by typing.

After placing your signature in your document, you can now click “Finish” and then you can download your document as a PDF file.

2. Using Google’s Drawing Tool

You can also the inbuilt feature of Google Docs for drawing tools to create and add a new signature. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Google Docs website and open the document to which you want to add your signature.

Step 2. From the menu, click on the “Insert” option and navigate to the “Drawing” tab and choose the “New” option.

Step 3. After that the drawing board will appear, Now click on “Select Line” from the drop-down box.

Step 4. Select “Scribble” from the menu.

Step 5. Now you can draw your signature using the + sign on the board.

Step 6. After you’re done with your signature, click on “Save and Close.” That’s done. Now Your handwritten signature will be present in your document. You can also adjust the width, size, or style of your signature by using editing tools.

3. Using Add-ons on Android App

The feature of adding a signature is also available in Google Docs Android and it also lets you add a signature using some plugins and add-ons. One type of add-on is “DocuSign” which is an adaptable plugin for all types of docs work. The app is a standalone app so you can use this plugin separately. Here we have mentioned the steps to use it on Docs:

Step 1. Open the Google Docs app and open the document to which you want to add a signature.

Step 2. Now click on the three dots and choose the “Add-ons” option from the menu.

Step 3. Now Choose“Get add-ons” from there and then select the DocuSign option.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed How to Add Handwritten Signature in Google docs? I hope you found this valuable, if you did; don’t forget to like and share this post. Check out more tips mentioned below, and stay connected with us for more technology related content.

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