Best Broadband Plan In India in 2022

Internet or broadband is an essential part of today’s time. In this modern age of the internet, most of the work has been shifted online. In such a situation, if you have a better internet connection then you can do any online work quickly but if you do not have a better broadband plan, then we will tell you about the best broadband plans in India from Internet Service providers like Airtel, Jio, Vi and Tata Play.

Best Broadband Plan In India

Best Broadband Plan In India

If you are looking for To take Broadband connection for your home then you can check these Best Broadband Plan In India mentioned below. In this age of the internet, You may face lots of problems if you do not have the best 100Mbps broadband plan. So today in this article we will talk about some sBest Broadband Plan In India. Here you will get complete information about the 100Mbps plan broadband plan from JioFiber, Tata Play, Airtel Xstream, and ACT Fibernet. Now without wasting time Let us know what are these plans that you will get.

#1. JioFiber

As we know that jio has launched its broadband service in India a few years ago. Earlier the price of JioFiber’s 100Mbps broadband plan was Rs 699. But, according to the official MyJio app, you will have to pay around Rs 824 including GST. Under this plan, users will get free voice support with unlimited data with a validity of up to 30 days. Remember that you will not get any OTT plan benefits with this plan and if you want to subscribe to OTT Platforms, then you will need to buy another high-end plan. But if you want to get OTT Subscription then you will have to buy jio’s 150Mbps plan.

#2. Airtel Xstream

if you don’t know then let you that the price of a 100Mbps broadband plan is almost the same in many big cities. if you want to get 100Mbps speed in Airtel Xstream’s plan then you need to pay around Rs 799 so you will get high-speed internet. Under this plan, users get unlimited local and STD calls with unlimited data at speeds of 100Mbps. Airtel Xtream also offers big benefits like FASTag cashback offers, and free access to Wynk, Apollo, and Xtream Premium. Remember that like Jiofiber you will not get a subscription to any OTT Platforms but if you pay for 200Mbps and other plans. then you can get OTT benefits and users will be able to enjoy them.

#3. Tata Play Fiber

let me tell you that Tata Play has also launched its broadband service in India a long time ago. Tata plays also offers many useful broadband plans. if you want to get a 100Mbps plan then you need to pay around Rs 850 which you will get a validity of 30 days and if you pay Rs 2,400 then you will get a validity of 3 months. If you also need landline service, you will need to pay some more. For example, a monthly 100Mbps plan with a landline option will cost Rs 950 instead of Rs 850.

let me tell you that users will get an unlimited 3,300GB of data and after consumption of the high-speed data, its speed will be reduced to 3Mbps. The Above plan is for Mumbai and New Delhi. You can check 100Mbps or other broadband plans for your cities on the official site. but the prices are mostly similar. also, Don’t forget to disable the landline option before checking prices if you don’t landline connection.


Friends, in this post we have discussed the Best Broadband Plan In India offered by the different popular Broadband operators like JioFiber, Tata Play, and Airtel Xstream. So I hope you all liked this post but still if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions regarding this post, then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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