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How To Create Bootable USB Without Software?

These days few people know to burn ISO images on disks as well as use them as bootable media. Now, USB drives have replaced them as they are much faster and also a more convenient approach to set up an os on a device.

While there are many devices to make a bootable USB drive, even Microsoft offers one; there’s a way to do the same with no software program. All you require is to fire up Command Trigger and follow some straightforward directions. Let’s have a look at it.

Create Bootable USB Using CMD on Windows 10

To make your bootable USB by using the CMD, initially, you require to clean the USB drive with the help of the diskpart.

Step 1. Insert your USB flash drive into your computer system. 

Step 2. Open the start menu and type CMD to find Command prompt.

Step 3. Right-click Command Trigger as well and click Run as Administrator.

Step 4. You can also open up the Command option by pressing Windows+ R > Type CMD > Press Enter.

Step 5. When the Command window appears, type diskpart and press enter key. Wait up until the diskpart utility starts running.

Step 6. In the diskpart window, type list disk, and press enter. It will show you all active disks on your computer.

Step 7. Most likely, you will certainly see two Disk types.

  • Disk 0 is for the hard disk drive.
  • Disk 1 is for your USB Flash Drive with its overall capacity.

Here we will deal with creating a bootable USB by using CMD, we will work with Disk 1.

Step 8. Type disk 1 in the same home window and hit Enter key. You will get a message ‘Disk 1 is now the chosen disk’. That suggests any type of further procedure that you do will affect your disk 1 directly.

Step 9. Type tidy and also hit Go into to get rid of all of the information in the USB drive. The tidy command will style your bootable drive. You will certainly get a message like ‘Diskpart was successful in cleansing the disk’.

Step 10. Kind develops partition main and also struck Enter. You will obtain a message as Diskpart did well in developing the specified partition.

Step 11. Type select partition 1, as well as hit, Get in. It will certainly select partition 1 for setting up it as an active partition.

Step 12. Next, type energetic and struck Get in. It will certainly trigger the current partition. Now, type style fs= NTFS fast and also hit Go into. This command will certainly layout your present partition as an NTFS data system rapidly.

Step 13. Type exit and hit Enter. The exit command will close the Diskpart program but it does not close the CMD window.

Copying files from an ISO image on your PC/DVD to bootable USB by hand:

Here you have to do is just open the files inside the DVD or ISO, replicate them, and also paste them into USB storage manually. This will make your USB drive bootable in Windows 10 (and older variations).

Copying files from a DVD to bootable USB using CMD:

Let us consider that the USB drive is the G: drive, and the DVD drive has been assigned the letter E. You also have inserted a DVD inside the DVD drive from where you want to copy the data to create a bootable USB drive via CMD.

By default, Command Prompt’s active directory for Administrator permission is on C:\Windows\System32>. We will navigate Command Prompt to set on DVD (E:) as its active directory. Remember there should be a DVD inside the DVD drive.

Step 1. Here you just need to type E: then hit Enter, and then the active directory is changed to E.

Step 2. Type cd boot and click Enter button. Now the active directory is changed to E:\boot>

Step 3. Type bootsect /nt60 g: and click Enter button. It will create the boot sector on G: drive (USB Flash drive).

Step 4. Type exit and click Enter to close the Command Prompt.

Now We have successfully created a bootable USB drive by using the steps mentioned above Now your flash drive is to be used as boot media.

To install Windows from a bootable USB drive, we just need to copy the whole installation files on the DVD installer to the USB flash drive.

  • To do this, open the Command Prompt as in the previous steps.
  • After opening the command prompt, type copy e:\*.* /s/e/f g: and then press Enter. Wait until all the files in the DVD installer are copied to the flash drive.
  • Make sure to double-check the drive letter of your USB and DVD. Here, here e is the drive letter of the DVD drive that stores the Windows DVD, And g is the drive letter that you marked to the external USB Stick.

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