How to Disable Autoplay Video On YouTube 2021

Turn disable Autoplay Video On YouTube: Today among hundreds of video sharing sites, YouTube is one of the popular video sharing platforms according to google. Because it provides more quality content than other video sharing platforms in High Resolution.

There are Billions of videos are available On YouTube. We can see From movies to TV Serials on Youtube.

How to Disable Autoplay Video On YouTube
How to Disable Autoplay Video On YouTube

If you use the YouTube App daily then, you might know about the Auto-Play video feature. When AutoPlay is on, YouTube automatically plays the next video from the playlist.

However, YouTube’s autoplay feature is useful for many users but many people want to disable Autoplay Video On YouTube. In addition, many users say that this feature is annoying and They don’t want YouTube to play the next video automatically.

How to Disable Off Autoplay Video On YouTube

So basically this post is written for those who want to disable Autoplay Video On YouTube. if you were looking for this tutorial then this article is definitely helpful for you. we will share a complete guide on how to turn off autoplay on YouTube. So Let’s check out.

Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube mobile App

You can disable Autoplay Video On YouTube. for this you have to follow just few steps and you will be able to disable Autoplay on the YouTube app.

Step 1. First, Open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Now Click on your profile picture on the right side of your screen.

Step 2. On the next Screen, Click on the ‘Time watched’ option.

Step 3. After scrolling down, You will see the option called  ‘Autoplay next video’

Step 4. Now, tap on the toggle button to Turn off the feature.

Now You are done. by following these steps you can stop autoplay videos on YouTube mobile app.

Turn off Autoplay on YouTube Desktop

As same as YouTube App in desktop also has Autoplay Feature which let you to play Next video Automatically. but many people prefer to Turn off Autoplay. So here is few steps to disable Autoplay on YouTube Desktop.

Bascially, This update was rolled out by google previous year on YouTube that added the Autoplay featureto the video player on YouTube.

If you want to Turn off Autoplay on YouTube Desktop, then you don’t need to follow difficult steps like as we did in YouTube App. it is much easier in desktop than mobile.

So, to turn off Autoplay on YouTube Desktop, you just need to any random video on your computer. After that, click on the icon that appear as Autoplay is on/off when you place your cursor over it.

Turn off Autoplay on YouTube Desktop

You need to click on the toggle button to enable or disable the Autoplay feature. So this is quick tutorial that how you can disable or enable Autoplay on YouTube desktop.


So, this post is all about how you can disable Autoplay videos on YouTube mobile, and desktop. I hope this post helped you a lot! Please share it with your friends and family also. If you have any doubts or suggestion related to this post, then let me know in the comment section below. we will try to Anser your query As Soon as possible. Thank you.

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