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How to Disable Last seen feature on Truecaller

Hey Guys, Do you want to Disable Last seen feature on Truecaller? if your answer is yes then you landed in the Right Place. As we know that there are many useful features in Trucaller which are very useful. One of the best features is that it can notify the user if the person they are about to call is busy or not. According to Truecaller, This feature is made to help make sure that you get the right timing on who you are about to call. basically, this feature will help you to decide the right time to make a call means that person is busy or not.

How to Disable Last seen feature on Truecaller

How does the Last seen feature work?

The mechanism of the Last seen features is very easy. if you see a red bell icon just after the number then it means that the phone of the person whom you calling is on silent mode. But If you see a red phone icon, it means that person is on the call.

You can also check the last time when was a user active in the app through the ‘Last Seen‘ feature displayed. This feature can be used by Truecaller users who have an active internet connection and also are active within the app. However, there’s a condition. To be able to check someone’s last seen that user must have Truecaller installed and have the latest version on both of the Phones.

While this feature is very useful for many users because it is helpful in making sure that when the caller person is busy. But it may be a privacy issue for many users. Truecaller turns on this feature by default. And if you want to Disable the Last seen feature on Truecaller and you don’t want to be displaying information you don’t want others to know then In such a situation, Trucaller provides the option to turn this feature off.

Methods to Disable the Trucaller Last Seen feature

If you want to turn off the Availability feature then Follow the Given Steps mentioned Below.

Step 1. First of All, open the application.

Step 2. After that On the top right, you will see three dots Click on that.

Step 3. Now you will see the settings option at the bottom. Tap on that and then click on the “Privacy” option.

Step 4. There you will see the “Availability” option. Here You need to toggle off to disable the feature.

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Now you have successfully Disabled the Trucaller Last Seen feature. Now None will see the last seen status and when were you active in the Truecaller app.


So, this post is all about the How to Disable Last seen feature on Truecaller Turning off this feature will help you t solve your privacy issue. If you need more help with Trucaller, let us know in the comment box below I will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.

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