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How to Enable HDFC Credit Card Online Transactions via WhatsApp?

Major Bank’s services are available online. You can even open your bank account online and perform most of the tasks online. The best thing about is that you don’t need to go outside of your home you can do this work by sitting at home and save time and effort. Today you can solve most bank-related queries online but Banking was never been so easy and smart, But for the convenience of customers the majority of major banks now offer their most basic banking facilities through WhatsApp. You can also Enable HDFC Credit Card Online Transactions via WhatsApp.

However, if you have an account in HDFC Bank then you can also use WhatsApp Banking facilities /WhatsApp chat service that allows their customers to easily chat with the bank agent and take advantage of up to 90+ services along with transactions. You can use WhatsApp Banking facilities /WhatsApp chat service any time because these services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you don’t need to worry about this.

If you are worried about Safety in using WhatsApp Banking facilities /WhatsApp chat service then let me tell you that HDFC Bank provides an end-to-end encrypted and secure Service. If you also want to use these services then you need to link your number to the HDFC Bank account. And after that, you can enable HDFC credit card online transactions via WhatsApp.

Benefits of Using Online Chat Services

HDFC Bank’s Whatsapp chat facilities offer you more than 90 transactions and services that are available for everyone and anyone can access these facilities from any location. However, there are many Advantages of Using Online Chat Services and they are mentioned below:

  • You can ask and solve your query for more information on Account Services, Loans related queries, Credit Cards, and many other issues.
  • You get a Personalized and Best user experience along with smart and instinctive replies. You also get more smart sense features that allow you to interact more casually and conveniently.
  • You don’t need to worry about privacy because all your chat between ChatBanking is fully protected, safe, and end-to-end encrypted so there will be no risk.

How does HDFC Bank Chat Banking differ from HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking?

However, there were many limitations on HDFC Bank Chat Banking but in HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking facility you will see WhatsApp’s All New Chat Banking. The new Chat Banking is smarter, more facilitated, and provides more digital services than the old HDFC Bank Chat Banking. You can Experience a fully unique way of using a bank account by dialing 7070022222.

Is WhatsApp Banking safe?

As I already told you, all your transactions, discussions, and conversations are executed through the New HDFC Bank Chat Banking service and this is safe, secure, and end-to-end encrypted. Chat Banking on WhatsApp is safe because all messages are encrypted from start to finish. Also, no third party can read your account information or conversation. I hope you got your answer.

Steps to Enable HDFC Credit Card Online Transactions via WhatsApp

Step 1. Firstly add HDFC Bank’s Official WhatsApp number – +91 70700 22222 to your phone’s contacts.

Bonus Tips: You can also paste the URL “ 70700 22222&text=Hi” in the address bar of your web browser and click “CONTINUE TO CHAT.”

Step 2. After adding the above number you need to text Manage My Credit Card to HDFC Bank’s Official WhatsApp number.

Step 3. In response to your message, You will receive a message in which you will be asked to select one of several options. Here you need to Select option 2 for Online (E-Commerce) Transactions

Step 4. Now Enter the OTP received to your registered mobile number.

Step 5. After that, you need to enter the last four digits of your credit card. The current status of the online transaction type will be displayed on the screen as disabled. Now you need to allow this option to continue using HDFC Credit Card Online Transactions.

How to De-Register from HDFC Bank WhatsApp chat banking services?

If you are not satisfied with this facility then you can simply De-Register from HDFC Bank WhatsApp chat banking services sending the message De-Register to the New HDFC Bank Chat Banking number and you will receive additional instructions on how to de-register and discontinue the services through the WhatsApp. However, we will adviser you to continue using the WhatsApp chat banking services to manage your banking requirements for seamless and trouble-free services.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked How to Enable HDFC Credit Card Online Transactions via WhatsApp and now you have no confusion about this topic. Thank you if you have read this article. We have tried our best to provide complete details. if you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, then definitely ask us by commenting. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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