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Top 5 most expensive phones in the world

Whenever we talk about the most expensive phones in the world, Then a company like Apple and comes in our mind with the latest premium smartphones. Generally, a premium latest smartphone can be purchased for Rs 2 to 3 lakhs. 

Most expensive phones in the world

Top 5 most expensive phones in the world
Top 5 most expensive phones in the world

Do you know that there are some smartphones in the world that cost more than luxury cars and their prices are in crores of rupees? So, today in this post we are going to tell you about the 5 most expensive phones in the world. Also, we will explain why the price of these smartphones is so Expensive, so let us know the complete detail. 

#1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 pink diamond

Price- Rs 4.8 crore

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Apple is the manufacturing company for Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 smartphones. This phone is designed by Falcon. It is the most expensive and luxury smartphone in the world. This is a customized model of the iPhone 6. It is made of 24 carats Gold with diamonds, its case is also made of rage gold and platinum. 

#2. iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Price – 0.940 crores rupees 

The iPhone 4S Elite Gold is designed by Stuart Hughes. About 500 diamonds have been put in it. It is made entirely of 24 carats Gold. In the same way, Apple’s logo is also covered with 53 diamonds. Platinum is also used in this phone with a real piece of Dinasour Bone. which makes this phone more expensive.

#3. iPhone 4 Diamond rose

Price – 0.8 crores rupees

The iPhone 4 Diamond rose is also made by Stuart Hughes. It also has about 500 diamonds. Around the start button of the fane was covered with single cut diamonds of 7.4 carats golds.

#4. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Price – 0.32 crores rupees  

The Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme smartphone was created by British designer Stuart Hughe and his company Goldstriker. It was made with 22 carats of solid gold and 200 diamonds of 271 grams. Apple’s logo also had 53 diamonds and a full diamond in the start button as well. which gives a cool look to this phone. and that may be the reason why these phones are so expensive.

#5. iPhone 3G Kinga Button

Price- 0.25 crores rupees 

The Australian jeweler Peter Alisson has made the iPhone 3G Kinga Button. Its start button is mounted on a large diamond wire. Also, 18 carats yellow, white, and rose gold diamonds are also paced in it. 138 diamonds have been placed in the side strip of the fen. 


So this was the article about the most expensive phones in the world whose prices are above our budget. but many Billionaire people still bought these phones. and hope you really enjoyed our post if you really did this then don’t forget to share this post

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