How to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card (2022)

Are you looking for ways to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card? if yes then this article is for you. Today in this post we will explain How to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card? After reading this post carefully you don’t need to read any other articles.

How to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card

Methods to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card

Carrying Credit is very helpful because you can use your credit card to buy anything if you don’t have cash with you. But it can create a problem when you lost or someone stole your credit card. they can easily steal all your money. Today we are going to tell you some methods which will be used to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card.

#1 Method: Contact Customer Care Immediately

If you have lost your Credit card or someone has stolen your Credit card then, you should call the customer care number of your bank and request for blocking by providing your Normal Credit details to the Bank agents. After this, your credit card will be Blocked and no one will misuse your Credit card.

#2 Method: Visit Credit Card’s Official website

You can visit the Offical banking website of your Credit card and log in to your account by entering your Net Banking Credential. Generally, different banks have different processes to Block the card. So just go to the credit card section and select the option to block your credit card and enter your password and username and, your card will be blocked in just a few seconds.

#3 Method: Use Mobile Banking App

Instead of using the Bank website, you can use Use Mobile Banking App To block your credit card. To do this you need to install your bank’s mobile app from the play store. After installing the app log in by entering your user ID and password in it. Now in the Services section look for Card Service and select the Credit Card Block option.

#4 Method: block through SMS

You can also block your credit card through SMS. All you need to do is to place a request to block the credit card by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number to the number provided by your bank.


I hope you liked this information and now you will not face any problems when you Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card. If you have read this article completely then you must have come to know about several methods to Block Stolen or Lost Credit Card.

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