How to connect and use Railways wifi Network?

You can find a free wifi network facility at almost every railway station In India. The free WiFi internet facility is provided at more than 6,000 railway stations in India so that Passengers can use free, high-speed WiFi at railway stations. Out of 6000 railways stations,5,000 railway stations are located in rural regions of the country. incase if your net plan is expired and you want to use the internet which is installed at the railways then you can easily connect and use the Railways wifi Network. However, it is a government wifi service so the process of connecting your phone to this network is different.

How to connect and use Railways wifi Network

As we know before, the Ministry of Railways, which is a public sector that comes under the Ministry of Railways, is liable for WiFi connectivity at railway stations. RailTel, which is the mini Ratna company from the Railways, provides state-of-the-art public Wi-Fi under the brand name of ‘RailWire’. RailTel is a retail broadband service. The company said sooner they will expand the installations of free wifi at all railway stations in the coming days

According to RailTel, the project for providing free and high-speed WiFi internet facilities at railway stations all over the station in India was made in the Rail Budget of 2015. Since then, we have been coming up with the same in time. The recent railway station to avail WiFi facility is Ubrani railway station which is located in the Lucknow division of Northern Railway.

Method to connect and use the Railways wifi Network

Follow the steps below to connect to free WiFi at railway stations.

Step 1: First, Turn on your WIFI and scan for available networks when you are at the railway station where free wifi facility is available to use, after that From the list of wifi, you need to select RailWire.

Step 2: When you connect, you will be redirected to the Railwire portal and there you will ask for a mobile number. Now just enter your mobile number.

Step 3: Now, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on the mobile number that you have provided.

Step 4: Once a successful connection to the railwire, your connection will remain for 30 minutes. here you will get limited internet connection time so do it within 30 minutes.

Step 5: The WiFi service will provide you with a speed of 1Mbps for the first 30 minutes, as I told you before.

Step 6: If you want to use the internet for more than 30 minutes then you need to pay some money to use the WiFi services at high speed. You can choose a plan that will offer high-speed internet by paying an extra cost.

Step 7: These WiFi plans delivered by RailWire choice start from Rs. 10 per day, and you will get 5GB of internet with a maximum speed of 34Mbps.

Step 8: Notably, while opting for a WiFi plan, you can choose to make payments via multiple payment options such as net banking, wallets, credit cards, and UPI. You can choose a payment mode based on your convenience. Do keep in mind that this is a WiFi service for users who want to connect to the internet while in the railway station. However, there will be no internet connection within the train during the journey with this plan. Also, these days, we have good internet connectivity offered by telecom operators but this could suffer in the remote areas, which is where RailWire connectivity comes of great use.

Notably, when you are buying a WiFi plan, you can select to pay through multiple payment options such as net wallets, banking, credit cards, and even UPI. You can choose the payment method based on your comfort. Note that this is a WiFi service for users who like to connect to the internet at the railway station. Although you will not get any internet on the train while the journey with this plan.


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