How to Convert PDF To Doc File using Mobile, PC 2021

Hello friends and welcome to the new post of TechBrighter.Nowadays Digital Documents like PDF, Doc files, JPEG, and several formats are widely used today. Sending soft copies digitally has many benefits, for example, we can save paper.

How to Convert PDF To Doc File using Mobile, PC

Digital Documents are shared in several formats, sometimes, we need to Convert PDF To Doc File. And PDF Format is one of the most widely used formats that is why most people asked how to convert PDF to Doc files. So Today in this post we will discuss ways to Convert PDF To Doc File using Mobile or PC.

As we know, today Apps have taken place in almost every work. By using these Apps or software we can easily convert any PDF file to a Doc file using your smartphone. Alternatively, a laptop or PC can also be used to convert PDF to Doc files with the help of several online tools. Here in this post, we have mentioned some of the free apps to convert PDF to files using both mobile or PC.

Convert PDF To Doc File using Google Docs

To Convert PDF To Doc File using Google we can simply use Google Docs which is available for both mobiles and also can be accessed from your Google Chrome browser. Here are the few simple steps to convert PDF to Doc file with Google Docs:

Step 1: Firstly, Sign In with your Google account and Open Google Docs on your device.

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ icon at the bottom-right corner > Upload the PDF file

Step 3: After that, find the triangle tab at the top-center section > Now choose the Google docs to open the file in the dropdown list. The PDF file will open here and you have to check for spacing.

Step 4: Now, click on the ‘File‘ option > download > Doc file format. after this, your file will automatically convert PDF into a Doc file. Don’t forget to check the PDF document once.

Convert PDF To Doc File using Microsoft Word

Now in almost every PC Or laptop Microsoft Office comes with many apps and Microsoft Word is one of them. Microsoft Word is the widely used Software of Microsoft. Microsoft Word can use on both your mobile or PC to convert PDF to Doc files.

Here are the simple steps Convert PDF To Doc File applicable for Both PC and Android smartphones:

Step 1: Open a new Microsoft Word file

Step 2: Now, Select the File > Open > and find the PDF that you want to convert into a file

Step 3: After selecting the PDF document, you’ll get a pop-up message describing that the file will be converted to a Doc file.

Step 4: After this process, you will automatically receive a converted PDF to a Doc file. Now You can easily save this file.


I hope you liked this information and now you will not face any problem while converting PDF To Doc File using Mobile, PC. If you have read this article completely then you must have come to know about several methods to Convert PDF To Doc File by following Some easy steps.

Thanks to the friends who have read this article. In this article, the solution to his problem has been mentioned in a very simple way. We have tried our best, but still, you have any questions or doubts regarding this post, then definitely ask us by commenting. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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