How to Get Drone Pilot Certificate In India?

Hello Friend, in this post today we will share with you how you can get Drone Pilot Certificate In India? So if you want to know about this topic then read this post carefully without skipping otherwise you may miss important points. it is very important for you to have a Drone Pilot Certificate if you fly A drone in India. it also depends on what type of drone you have.

How to Get Drone Pilot Certificate In India

Recently The Prime Minister of India has given so much relief from The drone rules in India. it is because to make it easy for the delivery of services like food, medical supplies, and delivery of things.

With a mission to make drones a strong part of our country’s India supply chain, PM Modi has also launched the first Drone Festival in Delhi. People also showed interest in this, Even PM Modi also flew a drone himself. 

The PM Also Announced that when a central project has to be monitored, they suddenly send drones to check the product quality. But the question is whether anyone can fly a drone or not, then the answer is – no. basically, to fly a drone, The Drone user must have a drone pilot certificate. Let me tell you how to get Drone Pilot Certificate in India? And how much money you will have to pay to get Drone Pilot Certificate In India?

How get permission to fly drones?

The government has launched the official website Digital Sky To fly drones From where anyone can get online permission and certification to fly a drone. To get Drone Pilot Certificate In India You will have to pay a Rs 100 fee for this process. After paying the fee you can get Drone Pilot Certificate. 

Actually, before pilot certification, you need to pass training from DGCA i.e. Directorate General of Civil Aviation. It is the same as getting a license for a bike and car where you have to give a driving test by following the basic rules for flying a drone. You have to pay approx The fee for this drone test drive is Rs 1000. In this way, to get drone certification, you will have to invest Rs 1100 if you want to fly Drones in India.

The requirement to qualify for the Drone Pilot Test

  1. To get Drone Pilot Certificate, you should have passed the 10th standard.
  2. You can only get a Drone pilot certificate if you are 18 years of age or older.

How drones are registered

However, the A UIN i.e. Unique Identification Number is issued for all drones in India. Just like a bike and a car have a unique number, similarly, a drone has also a nique number issued to a drone. UIN numbers are issued for all types of drones except Nano drones. UIN number remote pilot license is not required for Nano Drone.

Types of drones 

  1. Nano Drone – less than 250 grams
  2. Macro Drone – 250g to 2kg
  3. Small Drone – 2kg to 25kg
  4. Medium Drone – 25kg to 150kg
  5. Heavy Drones – Over 150kg


Here we have been told How to Get Drone Pilot Certificate In India, and for that, we have been given step-by-step methods here. Which can be easily understood by anyone easily and can set up and Get Drone Pilot Certificate In India. If you are having any kind of problem, then you can ask me through the comment below and we will answer as soon as possible.

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