How to lock Your Aadhaar card Biometric?

Hello Guys and welcome back to the new post of techbrighter. Today we will share with you the methods to lock How to lock Your Aadhaar card Biometric to prevent. if are a citizen of India then you must have an aadhaar card. Keeping your aadhaar card securely is very important for everyone otherwise can misuse your aadhar card and also empty your Bank account.

lock Your Aadhaar card Biometric
How to lock Your Aadhaar card Biometric

As we know In today’s time, an Aadhar card is an important document, for kinds of Government work we need an Aadhar card, whether to open an account in the bank or to get a new SIM card. as the need for Aadhar cards is increasing with the passage of time, Also the cases related to its misuse and fraud are also increasing day by day.

Due to misuse, aadhaar cardholders are always worried about their Aadhar cards. That is why The UIDAI has taken big steps to solve this issue so that people do not have to face any kind of aadhaar fraud. Basically, the aadhaar holders can lock and unlock their Aadhar card biometrics.

UIDAI announced its new facility on its official Twitter that UIDAI has Brought a new facility for Aadhaar cardholders. With these services, Aadhaar cardholders can lock and unlock their Aadhar card numbers online.

After locking the Aadhaar card your aadhaar card cannot be used for authentication. To use aadhaar card services you will have to unlock your Aadhaar card, However, You can use the VID (Virtual ID).

Why VID Is Important?

To unlock or lock Your Aadhaar card number you should have your Virtual ID, otherwise, Aadhaar users will not be able to lock or unlock their UID. If you do not have a Virtual ID, then you can get your VID By by sending a message to 1947 and with the help of the VID Generator on the website. Remember that after locking the Aadhar Number you can unlock your Aadhar Number by biometric data such as fingerprints and iris.

Way to lock Your Aadhaar card Biometric

If you want to Lock your aadhaar Card Biometric then follow the Steps Given Below:

Step 1: First Visit the UIDAI website.

Step 2: After that click on the My Aadhaar option.

Step 3: Now Click on Aadhaar lock /unlock on Aadhaar Services option.

Step 4: Here You need to Now enter Your Virtual ID, Pin Code, and Captcha Code.

Step 5: After Entering Data Click on Send OTP Button.

Step 6: After entering the OTP received on your registered mobile number, click on Enable option.

That’s great Now you have successfully Locked your Biometric. Now No one can misuse your aadhaar.

How to unlock the aadhaar number Biometric

To unlock the Aadhaar number Just follow the Steps Mentioned Below:

Step 1: First Visit the UIDAI website i.e.

Step 2: Now click on the My Aadhaar option.

Step 3: Here you need to go to the Aadhaar Services option and click on Aadhaar lock / unlock.

Step 4: After this, click on Unlock UID and enter the Virtual ID and Security Code.

Step 5: Now click on Send OTP and after entering OTP click on submit button. After that, your aadhaar biometric will be unlocked.


So these are the Some methods by using you can lock/Unlock Your Aadhaar card Biometric. If you have any Doubts or Suggestions regarding this post then let me know in the comment section we will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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