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5 Best apps to make Whiteboard Animation Video on Android

Hello friends and welcome back. Do want to know how you can make Whiteboard Animation Video on Android? if No then keep reading this post, because today we will share 5 apps through which you can make Whiteboard Animation Video using your Android phone.

Best apps to make Whiteboard Animation Video on Android

We mentioned Android apps for editing because android apps require less money and by using them you can do almost the same work from your mobile for which people use a Computer/Laptop for such kinds of Video Editing, Photo Editing 2D Animation, Whiteboard Video animation. iso in today’s post we will give you the Best Whiteboard Video Maker Apps For Android.

You do not require an expensive Smartphones to use these apps, if you are using a flagship phone between 10K to 15K INR, then you can easily make Whiteboard Animation Video easily.

The best thing about these apps is that You can install these apps for free from the Google play store but there are some Paid Apps. You can still create very good Animation Videos from free apps so don’t have to spend any money.

Uses of Whiteboard Video Maker Apps

Basically, people who make Biography videos, Study videos on YouTube, or make an Ads Video of their product, use this software, you just need to ready your script before creating any video. if you don’t read your script and continue making videos, then you can’t produce a good Animation Video. I suggest you first write the script of your video then edit the video.

Best Whiteboard Video Apps For Android

Due to lockdown in many countries, Schools and Colleges are still taking Online classes in which students face many problems not being able to understand well, if you teach online then you can use Whiteboard Animation for students. because whatever you will explain the concept, all your students will be able to understand because it is easy to understand the animation better according In compare to only reading from the book.

1. Wideo

Whiteboard Animations Video making app is also known as handwriting video making app when this application came in 2015-16 then it was known as handwriting app only at that time first few There were only applications, they were used, but how many such applications have come which work very well, one of them is this Wideo App, which many people like to use.

You can also change the hand that writes on the whiteboard, as if you want to use a female hand, also you can change the color of hands of both. By using its graphic you can create text videos and then later if you want to give any voice-over in it. so you can use this app if you want to make Whiteboard Animation Video.

2. Benime

If you need apps to make Whiteboard Animation Video App for Android mobile, then you can install this application, in this app you will get many features that are given to you in Paid Apps only. All the elements are given in this app to make an animation videos, you do not have to download anything separately.

This app also comes with many special features such as Text to Speech, by using this feature can write some things and start speaking by converting it into sound, then that too is done from this application. And along with this, if you need any background of this image for your Whiteboard Video, then it can also be downloaded from this application.

You can Also export video in High Quality i.e. 1080P MP4, now you must be thinking that how to get this app? you can get this app on Google Play Store and there.

3. VideoScribe

This app is also was considered as the best app to make Whiteboard Animation Video from mobile, but then do not know why Sparkol Company stopped supporting this application for Android Device, that is why you can not download this application from Google Play Store now, but When you go to Google and search Videoscribe App Download For Android then you can download and use this application.

Maximum the Whiteboard Animation Video on YouTube channel that you see on YouTube, is made using this application, there are many creator who use this to make Whiteboard Animation Video. With the help of this application, you can make Creative Animation Video easily

4. FlipaClip

This application is available for both Android & iOS devices if you want to make a Whiteboard Animation video then, you can get this app free, you do not have to pay any money. Eve, I also use this application very much because it is very easy to create good animation videos.

To make an animation video using the application, if you want, you can also use the previously recorded audio from your mobile and if you want to record any new audio and then it can also be done with this.

You can also give Sound Effects in the video, for that you do not need to download any Sound Fx from outside, in this application you get the features, you just have to download it by clicking on the button below and you can it In your video.

5. Explain Everything Whiteboard

if you want to create attractive presentations, then you can use this app for free. You can get this app on Google Play Store, the app is downloaded by more than 5 lakh users worldwide.

by using this app, you can make Whiteboard Animation with a Face Video, you can also get features to use Pie Chart, Animated Texts, elements, etc. You can also do a voice-over if you have already created a video with the help of this app.

But in this app you will get to use Limited Elements with Free Version only, if you want to use all the Elements then you may have to take Paid Version for that. but you can also use the other 4 apps to make Whiteboard Animation Video that I mentioned above if you don’t want to pay money.


So, that is some apps by using you can make Whiteboard Animation on android. If this article has helped you in finding the best animation video maker app then I request all of you readers that you share this information so that others can also get help from this post.

Thanks to Everyone who has read this article. In this article, we explained everything in detail. We have tried our best to give you complete information, but still, if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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