3 methods to Protect PDF Files with Password

Hello Friends and welcome to our new post. Today we will learn How to Protect PDF Files with passwords free of cost. Most of us are familiar with PDF and how this format is a secure and safe file formats are to share with work with somebody.

Methods to Protect PDF Files for free

To make PDF Files more secure You can improve their security by adding more security layers by locking them with a password to prevent unauthorized access. So basically In this article, we will share with you 3 useful ways to protect your PDF files with a password for free.

Using Microsoft Office’s Tools

To add a password in PDF Files and Password protect your PDF file with the help of Microsoft’s in-built features that come pre-installed with the Office Suite you can use Microsoft Office’s Tools in Microsoft Word, you can create a PDF file as well as you can also secure it by adding a password on it. just follow these simple steps to Protect PDF Files using Microsoft Word.

Step 1: First of all Open your Microsoft Word on your PC and create a blank document file.

Step 2: Here you need to Enter the data that you want and save it by clicking on the File button.

Step 3: Now Click on Save As button and choose the destination where you want to save the file.

Step 4: A popup menu appears, click on Save as Type option to display the list of file formats and click on PDF format to save in PDF Docs.

After that, you will see many options Click on the Options button and click to Encrypt the document with a password, and click the OK button.

Step 5: Now Click on the Save button to save the encrypted PDF file.

That’s great now you have successfully secured your PDF File by adding a Password.

Adobe Acrobat Website

If you didn’t have Microsoft office then Alternatively You can use The Adobe Acrobat Website which is another best useful and trusted way to protect your PDF file online. To protect PDF files Follow the easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1: First Open any Browser Open Incognito Mode in your web browser to prevent any sign-up popups which Generally popups after generating the download page.

Step 2: Visit the Adobe Acrobat PDF Password Protect website

Step 3: Now Click on Select a File to upload your desired PDF file that you want to password-protect.

Step 4: On the next window, use a strong password which will be used to encrypt the PDF file.

Step 5: Click on the Set Password button.

Step 6: Now Click on the Download button to download the protected PDF file.

That’s it. You’ve successfully encrypted your PDF file.

Use PDF Tools Android app

You can also use the PDF-Tools Android app to encrypt and secure your important PDF files with the help of free Android apps such called PDF Tools. if you want to protect your PDF File just Follow the given steps below.

Step 1: First of all, Search and Install the PDF Tools app from Google Play Store,

Step 2: Now give the important file access permissions to the app.

Step 3: Scroll down to click on the locate Lock PDF to select the PDF File that you want to encrypt.

Step 4: Here choose the Select PDF Files button to navigate and choose the PDF file that you want to lock.

Step 4: Now set strong the password to encrypt the PDF and click on the check button located at the bottom right corner of the app.

Congratulations. Now You have successfully Protected your PDF Files with Passwords. Now to open the PDF File first you have to Provide the password to view the file.


So, these are some methods to Protect PDF Files with Passwords. If this article has helped you in encrypting and securing your pdf file. I request all of you readers that you share this information so that others can also get help from this post.

Thanks to Everyone who has read this article. In this article, we explained everything in detail. We have tried our best to give you complete information, but still, if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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