How To Remove Audio From Video Using Canva?

Hello friends and welcome to our new post. Do you know How to Remove Audio From Video Using Canva? if No then you have landed in right place. Almost all content creators are familiar with Canva and its popularity but not everyone knows how they can use Canva for video editing. If you know how to edit video on canvas then you can create a video beyond your imagination by using limitless templates and elements. Although, you can also use Canva for basic video editing, like Removing Audio From Video Using Canva.

How to Remove Audio From a Video using Canva on a PC

By using the exciting features of Canva you can create interesting and funny videos. If you have even basic knowledge of canva then you can create a pretty birthday video for your friend and you can also make an eye-catching advertisement for your small business. You can make any kind of video on canva because there are lots of options available for making an interesting video.

How To Remove Audio From Video Using Canva

While making Canva its developer also thought that they made it easy to Remove Audio From Video in just a few clicks.

If you use a PC for creating Graphic designing and videos then you can use the Canva web and desktop app of canva. However, you can use canva on both operating systems of Windows and Mac. And, the editing function is similar in both Operating systems, so it is totally dependent on you to choose the right operating system.

However, if you want to start video editing in Canva, then you have to create a design. Here is a way to do that:

Step 1. First of all click on the “Create a design” option in the top-right corner of the windows.

Step 2. Now Search for the “Video” format option.

Step 3. Navigate to the “Uploads” Section.

Step 4. Choose the “Videos” tab.

Step 5. Click on the “Upload files” Option.

Step 6. Now Choose and select the video that you want to mute.

Step 7. Click on “Open” and drag the video to the timeline at the bottom of the page.

So here after uploading your video on canva you just need to remove audio from the video which is very easy to do in a few clicks:

Step 1. Again, Tap on the video in your timeline.

Step 2. Now click on the speaker icon present at the upper-right corner of your editing screen.

Step 3. Just click on the muted speaker icon to remove or mute the audio from any video.

Step 4. Alternatively, you can also drag the volume bar to Zero to mute the audio.

You can also put 0 in the volume counter next to the slider to mute the audio. S if you play the video you will see that your video will play without audio which means that you have successfully removed the audio from your video.

Now after this you need to save your edited video in your system to do this follow the steps mentioned below to save the video:

Step 1. Now click on the “Share” button at the top right.

Step 2. Click on the “Download” button.

Step 3. Now set that file into “MP4 Video.

Step 4. Again click on Hit “Download” button to download the video.

How to Remove Audio From a Video using Canva on an Android?

If you want to remove or mute a video on your Android phone, then it is easy to do that. After editing your video you can easily remove audio in a few clicks.

We have mentioned simple steps to Remove Audio From a Video using Canva on an Android follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Canva app on your android phone and click the “plus” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Select your “Video” or “Mobile Video” option, it all depends on your video’s format.

Step 3. Navigate to the “Uploads” button from the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4. Select the “Videos” tab.

Step 5. Now click on “Upload files” Select the video you want to mute.

Step 6. Select the to add it to your design.

After adding your video to the timeline at the bottom of the screen then you can easily remove the audio from your selected video.

Step 1. Select the video by tapping on the imported video.

Step 2. Scroll the Menu bar present at the bottom of your screen and look for the “Volume”.

Step 3. Now Press the volume icon.
Keep one thing in mind that you’ve selected the video and not another option or element if you are not seeing the option of the “Volume” icon.
After clicking the volume button, a pop-up menu will display at the bottom of the screen. You can choose any of three methods to mute the video’s audio:

  • Tap the mute button on the left side of the slider
  • Hold and Drag the slider from 0.

Now you have successfully muted the video and now you just need to save your edited/muted video in your gallery so to do this you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Click on the “Share” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Tap on the “Download” button to save your edited video to your gallery.

Step 3. Now Select the “File type” as “MP4 Video” format.

Step 4. Make sure to Verify the step and click on the “Download” button.

That’s set you have successfully saved your muted video on your gallery and now you can watch that video without music and you can use that video for your own project.

Wrapping Up

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