How to set Internet Data Limit on Mobile?

Hello, friends are looking for a way to set Internet Data Limit on Mobile? if yes then this article is for you, we will tell you how you can set data limits. The new age is the age of the Internet. Even for little things the internet is needed. If you want to use social media, or for any other app, you must have an internet connection.

People also used the internet for entertainment purposes like watching online videos. You must have noticed that whenever you Turn On mobile data for using the internet on your phone then your Mobile data starts consuming very fast, and in just a few hours all data get exhausted, so if you want to use your mobile data for a long time, then simply you can set the Internet Data Limit on mobile and save your mobile data.

How to set Internet Data Limit on Mobile

Many People don’t know that there is an option available to track the data usage on the mobile. By using this option you can track how much internet or data you have used and which Mobile application has consumed More data. It is very important to set the Internet Data Limit on Mobile because most mobile users are prepaid sim users and they recharge with a plan that comes with limited mobile data.

If you are an Airtel user then you might be recharged with a plan of Rs 209 in which airtel offers 1GB of data per day with a validity of 28 days. Similarly, if you have recharged your jio Sim with a plan of Rs 149 then jio offer you 1 GB of Data per day for 20 days but when you exhaust your data then jio reduces your Data speed to 64KB/s which is very slow even though you cannot watch your favorite Movies, Web series without Buffering. So it is better to set Internet Data Limit on Mobile.

Why should set Data Limit on Mobile?

If you don’t watch videos online or do not even use social media apps On your phone then still your data is continuously consumed by the app which runs in the background even if you have not used those apps. Whenever you Enable your Mobile data then background apps start consuming your mobile data rapidly so you should set Internet Data Limit on Mobile to save your mobile data. So if you are thinking that after limiting Your mobile data your Internet speed slows down then you are wrong.

However many apps start automatically when you enable your Data Connection, so if you set Internet Data Limit, then you can save your mobile data from being exhausted quickly. So this is the best way to save your Mobile data.

There are many apps available in the market which can help you to save Mobile data, but Today in this article we are not going to use any Third Party apps because Today almost every Phone comes with inbuilt features to set Internet Data limits. You can find this option in the data usage setting on your mobile.

If you want to see which app is consuming more mobile data then you can also view this data in the data usage setting. And you can calculate or set data limits on that app to save your mobile data.

You can also save your mobile data by disabling Mobile data but for using Apps or Internet your phone must be connected to the internet. if you do not enable the mobile data on your phone then you will not be able to use social media apps, so you can set an internet data limit to save mobile data. internet will stop running automatically.

Way to set Internet Data Limit on Mobile

If You want to set an Internet data limit on mobile then just follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First of all, Open the setting on your mobile, And you will find the option named Sim Card & Mobile Data, Just click on this option, again click on the Data Usage option.

Note– In my case, I am using the Realme Phone and The user interface of all smartphones are not the same, so if you are not finding these options then you can directly find the required setting by searching On device’s settings by typing Data Usage in the Search Box, after this, you will get that option.

2. After this, here you will see how mus data you have used till Now. You can also see how much data You have used in 1 month.

3. Now, Select The SIM in Which you want to set internet data limit on mobile and click on the option with Mobile Data Limit below it, after some options will start appearing.

Daily Data limit – By Using this method, you can set the daily internet limit on your phone, here you can set as many daily limits according to your need such as 200MB, 2GB, etc. After setting the limit your mobile data will automatically turn off and in this way you can save your Mobile data.

Monthly Internet Data Limit –This option can be used to set a Monthly Internet Data Limit. Here will be able to choose the internet limit according to the month, that is, how much internet you will use in a month, So just select your data limit for the month.

4. In the option, you need to tap on the option of Daily Data Limit, after clicking on this option then you will see options like 10MB, 50MB, 500MB, 1GB, etc., you can choose Internet Data Limit from these options, you can also set custom limit according to your need. So just tap on the Custom option, type any number (Limit) of Internet Data Limit in Mb and click on the Ok option.
In this way, the internet limit will be successfully set on your mobile now.


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