Lava Probuds N11 Review: Design, Features, Battery and its Performance (2022).

Hello friends, today in this article we will review Lava Probuds N11. Recently Indian company Lava has recently introduced its brand new neckband Lava Probuds N11. The company has kept its price at Rs 1,499. You can buy This Lava Probuds N1 from the company’s official website and Amazon. I have tested this neckband using this neckband for about 20 days, so I am going to share my Lava Probuds N11 Review and how was my experience with Lava Probuds N11 Neckband.

Lava Probuds N11 Review: Design, Features Battery and its Performance

How Is the Design of Lava Probuds N11?

The company has introduced its Lava Probuds N11 in three different colors Firefly Green, Kai Orange, and Panther Black colors. We have got the Kai Orange color of Lava Probuds N11. You will get magnetic buds like other neckbands in this. There are also Eartips installed in both earbuds. On the left side of the neckband, you will get the branding of Lava Probuds N11, while the volume rockers, LED indicator, and play button are given on the right side. 

The charging port is also present on the right side, but the location of the charging port is placed different place from the other buttons. The logo of P is also available on the buds. Lava Probuds N11 comes with a design with good quality fiber and plastic. However, the Lava Probuds N11 neckband felt when you wear it as well it looks pretty good and stylish. The Lava Probuds N11 comes with a rating of IPX6 which means it is water-resistant neckband.

Performance of Lava Probuds N11

In the Lava Probuds N11 neckband, you will get 12 mm dynamic drivers that give a powerful sound with deep bass that will blow your head. However, the sound quality of Lava Probuds N11 is good according to its price range. You get great sound quality in the neckband. The company has also given the dual connectivity feature in Lava Probuds N11, which is very rare at this price. Dual connectivity is good for multitasking users. This neckband comes with Bluetooth 5.2 so you are not going to face any problems with Bluetooth connectivity. The feature of Dual Hallswitch feature has also been given in Lava Probuds N11. With this feature, music can also be paused after taking the magnetic buds out of the ear by sticking them together. This saves both battery and mobile data.

Apart from this, The company has also given good features for gamers such as it has Pro Game Mode and Environment Noise Cancellation feature in the neckband. as per the price there is very low latency in this neckband for gaming, and the noise cancellation feature is not great but not bad either. With this, we did not face any problems even in calling.

Battery life

In the Lava Probuds N11 neckband, you will get a 280 mAh battery, as per the company, you can get up to 42 hours of playtime. However, we did not listen to it for 42 hours but in 20 days we must have heard it for about 37 hours. Even after enjoying the music for 37 hours, there was no need to charge this neckband and still, his battery is charged. It also has the feature of fast charging, according to Lava, it can charge in 10 minutes and it gives a playback time of up to 13 hours. Overall the battery is good and long-lasting.

Final Lava Probuds N11 Review (My Opinion)

So in Lava Probuds N11, the company has given many many good features along with great sound and battery, which makes it a pro neckband different from other neckbands available in the market. However, we cannot compare it with Sony or JBL as their neckbands are also quite expensive.

It can definitely compete with Boat or other companies in this price segment. Its price is around Rs 1,499, although Lava Probuds is providing a total warranty of 14 months instead of 1 year in the N11. Along with this, the subscription to Gaana is also being given free for one month along with this neckband. So if you were looking for good budget neckband then you can go for the Lava Probuds N11.


I hope you liked Lava Probuds N11 Review: Design, Features Battery and its Performance and now you have no confusion about Lava Probuds N11 and you can decide whether should you go for this neckband or not.

Thank you if you have read this article. We have tried our best to provide complete details of Lava Probuds N11 Review, but still, if you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, then definitely ask us by commenting. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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