New Drone Rule 2021: The new rules for Drone in India

Some major rules related to drones have been launched recently. This rule has been applied to streamline the functioning of the entire drone community. Regulations relating to drone possession, registration/de-registration, transfer, import, etc are easier than before.

Regarding this. The very trusted Media Dainik Jagran spoke to Kunal Kislay, who is the CEO of Integration Wizards Solutions and They tried to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the new drone rule.

Time limitation

The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Rules, 2021 came into effect on March 12 of this year. There was a mixed reaction from various quarters regarding this rule.

Affected parties found it to be more restrictive. The amended bill was shared on July 15, 2021, after the feedback received and suggestions received from the general public as well as the organizations concerned.

It has once again been put up for public consultation and has replaced the UAS Rules, 2021. Its name was changed to Drone Rules 2021. The new law was brought with the goal that there should be no interference in it.

Therefore, many rules were removed and many forms of permission, and even the fee structure was reduced. This was much appreciated in comparison to the previous rule, but in the second round of thinking, some more new amendments were talked about it.

Finally, the Drone Rules 2021 applied on August 26, 2021. It requires fewer approvals than before. Along with this, the forms and fee structure have also been reduced. This will enable the enterprise to focus on the desired output.

Important Guide to note

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Training Procedures Manuals (TPMs) are to be Direct by DGCA. This will make it easier to apply the law without any types of outside interference or difficulty.

1. The Digital Sky platform is a capable and well-developed platform, which will help in self-regulation. All the approvals will available from this platform. It informs your work and business intentions by removing differences.

2. Zone maps based on API ensure that the device can be operated within a limited zone. The watchdogs of these activities ensure that the industry is alike for all, including makers and consumers.

3. The availability of adequate space and the elimination of the requirement to obtain prior permission from freeways in green zones will make it easy to play drones, especially for the tourist.

We are still very excited about some notifications. The new rules regarding drone taxis still have to be published. In the earlier drone regulations, the weight of the drone was increased from 300 kg to 500 kg.

Along with this, there has been no clarity regarding ‘No Permission-No Takeoff’, Real-Time Tracking Beacon, and Geo-Fencing among others. Lastly, the involvement of academia, startups, and other key stakeholders in the process by the Drone Promotion Council will provide a better physical platform to the ongoing efforts to make the drone industry more stable.

Hope for improvement

if we look at the other side, then there is not more discussion about what will happen if the rules are not followed. The New Drone Rules 2021 only deal with fines, which may be extended to one lakh rupees.

There have been reports of UAVs being flown in the Yellow and Red zones in many countries In the last few years. Recently, on India’s Independence Day, the anti-drone system was put into operation. The users are aware of these kinds of things, then a sense of responsibility can be created in them.


The Liberal Drone Rules 2021 are applicable for all fields dependent on drone systems. In India, where digital innovation is taking place on a large scale, then one can achieve success by relying on these rules without compromising on decisions related to his business.

The technology and its use will increase. In such a situation, from time to time, necessary amendments, addition, or subtraction of provisions should be done in the rules. At present, the rules are not amended only for the sake of name but they are necessary and commendable.

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