How to Avoid Online Fraud while using the Internet 2021

With the use of Internet in the country, cases of online fraud and hacking are increasing rapidly. Hackers are targeting people by adopting methods like e-mail fishing. In such a situation, the question now arises how to avoid online fraud and hackers. Then you will find your answer in this post. 

Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Here today we are going to give you some tips, which will be very useful for you to Avoid Online Fraud. By following these steps, you will be able to protect your personal information completely. Let’s know.

Keep Different password of Every account

Nowadays, most people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In such a situation, remembering the password of every account is a bit difficult. To avoid the hassle of passwords, people keep the same password for every account. 

How to Avoid Online Fraud while using the Internet 2021
Avoid Online Fraud

You should not keep the same password because if hackers have a single password, they can steal all your information. So always keep in mind that every account should have a different password. By doing this your personal data will be completely protected.

Always change password 

Users should always change their passwords. This keeps their accounts safe, and sensitive information is also safe. The most important thing is that you do not share information about your account and password with anyone. Keep in mind that you never have to keep an easy password. The password should be such that no one can easily find it.

Do not use public computers at any time

Do not use public computers at any time to log in to NetBanking. This keeps your information at risk. At the same time, if you ever do this in compulsion, after log out, delete the browser’s history or cache. Also, delete all the computer’s temporary files. Also, do not allow your ID and password pop-ups at any time. It would be better if you log in to such an account in Incognito mode only.

Use Originals Anti Virus

 To protect your computer against phishing, malware, and other security issues, you should always use the original anti-virus software. Anti-virus works to detect and remove spyware from any device that works to steal your personal and sensitive data.

Must Check the URL

Always pay attention to the URL of any website before opening it. The URL must start with HTTPS, indicating that the website that you visit is completely secure and not fake. Don’t go to the website starting with HTTP, they can steal your personal information. 

Do not use free Wi-Fi    

 One big reason for online scams is the open Wi-Fi network. Hackers work between users and open Wi-Fi. If you use any free Wi-Fi, hackers can steal all your data. Using your free open Wi-Fi is a big reason to steal your data. Hackers install the malware in your device, which can easily steal the information.

Backup all your files

Most people do not make backups of files on laptops, phones or computers. Doing so may cause the file to be deleted or leaked. So to avoid such troubles, make a backup of your necessary files from time to time in the external drive. With this, you will be able to avoid the attack of ransomware.


So in this post we have shared the best Tips to Avoid Online Fraud while using internet which will you help more. if you have any doubt and suggestion then let me know in the comment section.

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