#1 Do not use multiple apps

if you are using more than one payment apps then stop using these apps because it may increase the chances of cyber fraud. It is not recommended to use more than one UPI or online payment app.

#2 Avoid sharing UPI address

You should never share your UPI ID/address with a stranger. it is only advisable only to share your UPI address with a person to whom you know otherwise not.

#3 Use a strong screen lock

the most important for Users is to use a strong screen lock for all their payments and financial transaction apps. by locking these apps you can save yourselves from Cyber Fraud.

Hackers try to make a call and request the users to download some third-party apps for verification. which is completely not safe. You should never click on such kinds of URLs.

#4 Never click on Malicious links

it is very crucial to upgraded the all apps to the latest version including UPI payment apps. The newer Updates bring bug fixes as well.

#5 Keep the UPI app Up to Date