What is Cloud Storage? Types of Cloud Storage

Hello Guys, and again welcome back to our Blog. Today we are going to share information about What is Cloud Storage. if you want to know about Cloud Storage, then keep reading this post. You get complete information about Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage has really changed the meaning of data storage. If we talk about past times, the floppy disk was used to store the data, but after some time it got replaced by CD and DVD due to lack of space.

What is Cloud Storage? Types of Cloud Storage
What is Cloud Storage

Floppy disks lasted for a few years but there was difficult to use, so people found an alternative way to store their data. And then Flash Drive or Pen Drive became very popular and people started using the external hard drive for more storage.

But even users were looking for more space because they were not satisfied with this, they also needed more portable options. This is the reason why researchers invented Cloud Storage technology. This is a technology where your data is managed remotely.

With the help of the Cloud Storage service, users can store their files online, so that if important, they can access their stored data from any part of the world with the help of the Internet. If I talk about the reports, then the use of cloud storage has rapidly increased in the last few years.

Today almost all the companies are competing with each other. And in this, They started using high cloud storage for the storage of their data and providing a better experience.

So without delay, let’s start and know what is cloud storage and why people use it so much.

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows us to store our data online which will be kept safe in a secure server that you can use anytime and anywhere you want.

To store the data on Cloud Storage you need a personal computer or any local storage, you store it in remote storage. Through the Internet, you can access this database from your own computer from anywhere.

If we talk about cloud storage, then it is declared very beneficial as compared to Old data storage. For example, if you keep any data in the cloud storage system, then you can access it from any place in the world very easily.

The best thing about Cloud Storage is that you do not need to carry any physical storage device like CD, DVD, Pendrive, or Flash Drive. If needed, you can also give the authorization to access your data to any other person so that even if you are not present there, So your work can go on smoothly without stopping.

Types Of Cloud Storage

So We have discussed Cloud Storage and we know about cloud storage very well, now let us know how many types of cloud storage are there. If seen mainly, there are four types of cloud storage in use. They are

  • Private
  • Personal
  • Public
  • Hybrid

Now let’s discussed them One by one in detail

Private Cloud Storage

This is a type of cloud storage where both the enterprise and the cloud storage provider are combined or integrated into the enterprise’s data center.

In Private cloud storage, the infrastructure of the storage provider is in the enterprise’s data center and which is typically managed by the storage provider.

Private cloud storage helps against any security threat, and solves any performance issue, along with all the advantages of cloud storage.

Personal Cloud Storage

It is also known as Mobile Cloud Storage. Personal cloud storage is a part of public cloud storage in which an individual’s data is stored in the Cloud.

And its access is given to that person so that it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Along with this, it also gives the facility of data syncing it means that users can access it from any device.

Public Cloud Storage

Public Cloud Storage is not for common people like Personal Cloud Service. It is Specially Designed for big Companies and enterprises because they have to store Heavy Data. Here enterprise and cloud storage providers do not integrate together in the enterprise data center.

They do not manage storage, but the same company that provides storage service to these enterprises. For this enterprises do not need to take much tension.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

If we talk about Hybrid Cloud Storage, Then this is a combination of Both public and private cloud storage that stores some sensitive data that resides in the private cloud of the enterprise, while other data can be stored and accessed from the public cloud storage provider.


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