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Hi Readers, I know If You were searching for What is computer networking and Types of computer Network then you are definitely interested in a computer, but there are many terms of Computer and Computer Networking is one of them. But do you know the types of computer networks? and what is Computer Networking? if No, Then read these articles carefully to find the Complete Information about Computer Networking in detail?

What is Networking?

A group of devices connected with one another is known as a network. when we make a network of various devices, the term is said to be Networking. There are various types of networks Such as telephone networks, cable networks, television networks, and computer Networks.

What is computer networking

A computer network is a system in which computers are connected to share information and resources. The connection is done as peer-to-peer. similarly, computing devices together with hardware and software support data communication across these devices. in this post, We will tell you what is Computer Network.

What is a Computer Networking?

A number of computers and peripheral devices connected through a communications link are known as a computer network.

You can exchange information all over the world by using the world’s largest Computer Network i.e the internet that connects millions of computers worldwide.

when you connect your computer to a network with the help of a Communication link or cable wire, you become a network user and your computer becomes a workstation.

Your workstation has all its local resources like printers and local hard drives, it can also access files stored on a file server and make use of other network resources.

To make a computer network, we need two or more two computers and other peripherals devices. these devices are connected with each other by using any media.

The Communication Media Allow the network Component to work together. these network components are located in the same building or at a remote location. There can be any size of the computer’s Network.

Categories Of Computer Network

There are Two Categories Of Computer Network
Temporary Network:- A temporary Network is formed for a short period of time and then Disconnected.

Permanent Network:- Permanent network is used by companies to transfer information. cables are used to Interconnect computers are permanent.

Advantages Of Computer Network

computer network links several computers. together they can do much more than a singles computer. there are several benefits of the network. Some of them are as follow:-

Share Resources

When we connect the computer to a network then it can share files. Devices such as printers and hard drives are collectively known as Resources. 

This ability to share resources reduces the cost of buying hardware for a computer. for example, a group of network users can share one central scanner, instead of buying a scanner for each user.

Easy to Access

The network allows users to access information from another computer on the network. it also stores the information on the central user  computer which make it easy to work and manage files


A user can enter a username and password before accessing the information on a network. it also stores information on a network. User name and password help the Admin to keep track of everyone using Computer networking.

If anyone enters an incorrect password, the network did not allow him to access it. it means unauthorized users cannot be able to access information on the network.

Share information and programs

We can exchange information and program with other people by using networks.  different users who are connected to a network can use a central computer to work with different word processing programs. it also simple to install a copy to use a number of network users.

Increase In Productivity

Networking allows people in different offices to work on a project together which reduces the need for hard copies.


Networking provides the advantage of the centralization of data from all the users to one system where it can be managed in an easy and better way. The administration can thus manage all data efficiently and in the best interest of the company.

Hardware Used In Networking

  • Computer
  • NIC 
  • Connector
  • Cables

Types Of Computer Computer Network

There are different types of computer networks. let us discuss some common types of it


The full form of LAN is the Local Area Network. The local area network is the type of network that connects computers and devices located close to each other such as in a building. Local Area Network does not have more than 100 computers. A most common example of LAN are computer connected in offices


The Full Form Of PAN is Personal Area Network. Personal Area Network is a computer network that is used for communication between different electronics Devices such as Personal computers, mobile phones, etc. A PAN  is a wireless connection. It is also connected Internet.


The full form of CAN is the Campus Area Network. Campus Area Network is a network that made to inter-connect two or more local area networks within a limited area. it is larger than the local area network


The full form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. it is a collection of which connects computers that are located in the same areas as town or city… Example- Local Bank branches in a city.


The full form of WAN is a Wide Area Network. It inter-connect the Local area network and Metropolitan area network. A wide-area networks can be located Throughout a country and even around the world. Example- Internet, ATM.

What is Network Topology?

Topology Refers to Connecting Different Computer In A network. The way in which the components of a network are connected in a network are linked together is called Network TopologyThere are Three main Topologies.

Bus Topology

In Bus Topology, the computers are connected to a central cable, “bus” which is a single continuous cable. The data from any computer travel the length of the bus and can be received by all other computers. The bus has terminators at both the end that consumes signals, removing it from the bus.

Star Topology

In Star Topology, Each computer is connected to the “switch” by its own cable. Switch forward the data towards the final destination. It controls the network’s Communication.

Ring Topology

in Ring Topology, all the nodes are connected in such a way so that each device is connected to two others, one on either side. in Ring Topology, computers are connected in the shape of a ring. Data automatically travels on the line only in one direction.

What are the Protocols?

There are rules governing how data is transferred over the networks, how they are compressed and presented on the screen, and so on. These sets of rules are called protocols. Rules for communication between network devices are known as Network Protocols.
There are three main protocols

1. Internet Protocols (IP)
2. Transmission Protocols (TCP)
3. Hypertext Transfer Protocols (HTTP)

What is Internet Protocols (IP)

It is the protocol by which data transfers from one computer to another on the internet. On the Internet, Each computer has one IP Address which identifies the computer from other computers. When users send and received the messages divide in the form of a packet that contains the IP address of Both Sender and Receiver.

What is Transmission Protocols (TCP)

It is the protocols That put the packest to the system.

Hypertext Transfer Protocols (HTTP)

It is a set of rules for writing files, images, videos, etc. On the world wide web (www). if we open the web browser, It Means We are using HTTP


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