What is WHOIS Lookup and Why it is used

Hello friends, Do you know What is WHOIS Lookup and Why it is used? if not then this article is for you. today we will know everything about WHOIS Lookup and the uses of WHOIS Lookup. Basically, WHOIS LookUp is a tool that is widely used to identify who owns the domain and how they can be contacted from Internet history listings.

What is WHOIS Lookup and Why it is used

The California Based Company Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the domain name registration and their ownership. Whois records are a very crucial part of the internet because they are very helpful in maintaining the database of domain name registration as well as website ownership.

If you are web Enthusiastic then Once You may have heard the name of the WHOIS Lookup tool. But do know what WHOIS Lookup is? So today in this post you will get information about what is Whois, why it is used, and the importance of using WHOIS.

What is Whois Lookup

WHOIS is an online tool or an online Web, that can be used to can get information about the domain name holder of any domain name, the Registry and expiry date of the domain, and much more.

Via Whois, we can obtain entire information associated with the domain as well as its sub-domain name. Also, Whois provides the details of the domain that you are searching for is available or not. If that domain is already registered by someone then you will get an “Already Registered” message in the search result. but you can use other domain extensions.

Why Whois used?

Generally, Whois is also used for detecting malware that may thief your domain they can do domains fraud, credit card fraud, DNS fraud, etc.

ViaWhois, we can get genuine and authentic information related to the domain, which builds the trust of the user regarding the domain. The user gets to know whether the domain is correct or not and the information related to their domain.

About WHOIS Record

WHOIS records differ from registrants, However, WHOIS keeps all the basic information of domain name holders such as the name of the domain owner, Date of Register, the expiration date of a domain name, and date of update. We can also find name servers of domains using Whois Record.

How to use Whois?

To use WHOIS, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, you need to open your browser and type in the search bar.

Step 2: Now in the search result you will see the Whois website.

Step 3: Type the URL of the website you want to know about, and click on Search.

Step 4: Now a new window will open in from where you can see all the information related to that domain.

The Three most information are also had in this record like – admin, registrant, and technical contacts. This information is fetched by the Through Whois. we can find out the following details:-

  • Domain Name Owner.
  • Age and validity of the domain name
  • The date of the domain registration
  • Domain holder’s Contact details.
  • Nameserver of the domain name
  • The IP address of the domain .
  • Tha date when was the domain updated
  • The status of the domain.
  • Address Of the organization of the domain, city, state etc.

What are the benefits of using Whois?

By the way, Whois has multiple important benefits. But here we will learn about some of its most useful advantages.

Analyzing the Domain Name

Before buying the domain name you can check the availability of your domain with the help of the WHOIS Lookup website. You can also buy domain names from here.

The most major benefit of WHOIS is that if own a business, then you can search your domain-related query to analyze the competition in the market.

Details of Domain Name

Sometimes we forget the information associated with our domain. Here in such a situation, we can take the help of the whois lookup tool to know the important details of the domain name. It shows you the registration and expiry date, of the domain name, which will be very useful for you.

Network Information

Sometimes we need network information like DNS, Name Servers, etc, By using Whois we can easily get all this information.

What is WhoisGuard?

As we know that Whois contains all the data associated with your website, So to hide our Domain name information which is present in Whois Database, and to protect the domain name from spammers, you can take the help of WhoisGuard.

Generally, WhoisGuard hides your confidential data from being revealed in the public database of Whois. Here WhoisGuard sets its own data in the Whois database so that no one can see personal information and misuse it.

Whenever someone sends you mails from Whois data, then the mail is received by the WhoisGuard and they will review it whether there is spam in it and when they are satisfied they forward the mail to your main mail address. 


After reading this post, you must have come to know very well what is Whois lookup, why it is used, what information we can find on whois and what are the benefits of Whois, what is WhoisGuard, its Why is it needed?

Thanks to Everyone who has read this article. We have tried our best to clear your Doubt, but still, if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank You!

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