What is YouTube Shorts Fund 2021?

A few months ago, YouTube launched its new Shorts video feature, in which we can share videos of length less than 1 minute. But there is no monetization program for this, in such a situation. Here you will get information about what is YouTube Shorts Fund? And how to get a $400 fund without getting AdSense approved?

You all know that to enable AdSense on YouTube, Channel should be 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours views within the past 12 months, only then the account is monetized and we can start earning money. But there is no such feature for YouTube Shorts, the views that come in it are not connected for monetization.

What is YouTube Shorts Fund?

If you use YouTube Shorts video then you will know that there are no ads on YouTube Shorts video. it cannot be monetized and the creators who make videos do not get Payment from YouTube as other YouTube creators get. In such a situation, YouTube took a big decision for all its Youtube Shorts creators.

YouTube announced a fund of $100 million for all its Shorts creators, which will be given to all the creators. Those who make videos by working very hard, will get a reward and they will have the enthusiasm and will make the video with more focus, so this time I also got the benefit of this fund.

This fund is given to all its user without AdSense account approval and the YouTube team gives information about it through email and through a notification in the studio. But you have to note that this is not for all the creators who make regular videos and are making shorts videos for 2-3 months, they will get its benefit.

Whatever reward the creator gets, they can claim it and send it to his bank account. But this is not such an easy process because it can also be sent to the bank through Google AdSense and if the account is not already created then it can be claimed. So here you know that you can send it to the account.

How to Claim YouTube Shorts Fund?

If you make shorts videos and you have also received mail, then you can claim it and send it to the account. But you have to note one thing that it will not go to your account, for you will have to wait like Google AdSense income because even though it is a fund but its entire process is like AdSense.

So here first of all we know that if any creator who makes Shorts video. If he has got the funds then he can claim his account. Here are some tips that will help you with this.

When you get YouTube Fund, you get notification about it through an email and notification on YouTube Studio. It is like a digital card.

On which a little detail about it and along with it is told how much fund you are getting. As you got $200. A similar card will also have the amount written on it along with the name of the channel.

What is YouTube Shorts Fund ?

At the time of receiving the fund, you will see a Claim name button in the email, click on it and then go to Google Adsense and create an account (as soon as you click on the claim button, it will redirect to AdSense only), then you will have AdSense in your Gmail account. Create account.

After creating an account here, you will have to set up payment details and then you will have to verify a code on the given address and then your account will be completed and then you will get direct money in your account next month.


Friends, here we have given information about the YouTube Shorts fund. By the way, this is for those creators who are making shorts videos. But if you want to start making videos, then there is good news for you, you will get money from it later, then you will get some motivation and you can start. Hope that all the information mentioned here which is helpful for you, if you have any question or suggestion, then definitely give information about it in the comment.

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